More about Gigan!

Man, Gigan just won’t stop rocking to the bang bang boogy the beat. Or whatever. I like Gigan.

My top 5 Gigan Traits, you ask? Oh, you don’t care? Too late!

5. Gigan sucks and gets his ass kicked every time he’s on screen. DOESN’T STOP HIM THOUGH. He’s like Dude Love. Terrible look, corny catchphrases and the innate ability to make you care. Gigan makes you care. He does. The most prominent sign of a good worker.

4. He is a good friend. He came to help Megalon in Godzilla vs Megalon and while it might have been due to some sort of alien mind control, he still hung in there till he got his fucking arm snapped by a giant robot. He also called in a favor to KING FUCKING GHIDRAH in Godzilla vs Gigan and Ghidrah answered. Why did the cruelest and most genuinely evil of all the kaijus come to assist him? Because Gigan is just a damned decent guy. Even Ghidoraharahahaa, can’t deny this. NOBODY denies this!

3. Gigan will SELL for you. Godzilla hits most people with some of his weak worked punches and they just kind of half ass it. Gigan though? He bounces around like a pinball on speed. He cares more about the Kaiju business than about getting himself over.

2. Gigan draws blood! The first monster to ever draw blood on the legendary Godzilla via flying buzzsaw stomach to the shoulder and hooks to the head.¬†Godzilla, to his credit, sells it like death. That’s chemistry my friends! To be fair though, Gigan carries his fatass through the last few minutes of it all. The King of the Monsters is just fucking gassed by the end and Gigan covers it well.


1. Unnecessary amount of weaponry. Gigan is equipped with 2 huge hook hands, a buzzsaw stomach, the abiity to fly and a fucking LASER beam out of his eye. He uses them all with great dignity and never becomes a “cheap” fighter, preferring to go head to head. He is the best example of the term “role model.”

Gigan fucking rules.