Your Kaiju of the Week is…

Mecha Kong!

This just in folks: Japan is goofy as all hell.

The fine people at Toho brought in a super sized version of King Kong to do battle with the mighty Godzilla and of course, profits were had. Now never mind the fact that their take on King Kong kind of just looks like a giant mobile piece of cat vomit, he was still in demand, and a useful commodity. So after the success of King Kong’s initial Japanese romp, they did the only logical thing: Came up with a plot that involved a mad scientist capturing Kong and forcing him to dig for a radiation extract that he can then sell off to some random country, but only after his giant robot version of Kong malfunctioned while performing the same task. I dunno.

With the Japanese writers becoming increasingly detached from their brains, Mecha Kong’s only appearance is a jumbled mess of random shit happening, more random shit, occasional building smashing and Mecha Kong having a wacky light up face. The big ape bot also moves like he’s got Boris Karloff shoved up his ass and it leads to him essentially creating the “Thriller” dance years before Michael Jackson. They musta been pretty proud of the big guy’s moves because the main poster for the film features Mecha Kong obviously in mid hip hop dance off throw down.

All in all, I consider Mecha Kong a success. He’s got a great look, subtle use of Urban culture and the ability to hypnotize flesh and blood giant apes.

Now here is a picture that continues to delight me with no end in sight.

THAT is Kaiju baby!