Charles Napier

So Steve Jobs died yesterday and it’s a terrible sad thing, no doubt about it. But come on, CHARLES NAPIER died too, and no one seems to care.

Who’s Charles Napier, you ask? First off, stop interrupting me. Secondly, he was an old leather worn looking bastard who was in everything from Maniac Cop 2 ( Only the 2nd orĀ 3rd most important moment in Maniac Cop History) to Silence of the Lambs (He’s the guard who gets handcuffed by Lecter and bludgeoned to what must have been a gooey finish) to that shitty movie starring Jeremy Pivens where they all played car salesman. What a life. This is without touching on the fact that he voiced, DUKE PHILLIPS, the manly southern bastard boss of Jay Sherman on the sort of hit TV show, The Critic. He also played a racist really well. And that’s something.

So sweet Charles, Prince of Thieves, you have stolen my heart for the last time. And that is a true Duketastrophy.