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After watching the Walking Dead and reading various thoughts on it. One mentioned that almost, if not all of the zombie movies have the undead merely as a prop. They are in the background while the real conflict are between surviving humans. Though it pains me to say it; the notion is correct. However, I […]

Spay Your Goddamn Pets

The female dog in the household is in heat again, prompting the mature male dogs to continuously fight/whine over her. There has been an increase in dog barking and dog annoyance. Naturally, this could have been prevented if the family listened to Bob Parker and spayed/neutered every single one of them.

And all is right with the world…

Sequels are usually disappointing. Mercifully, this is our 6th or 7th reboot of the almighty Pooke so we have surpassed disappointing and moved right into full on self parody. I can see no way that this does not end in profit. Viva La Pooke!