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Clive Barker is a Skinless Dragon

Do you ever come upon something that is actually kinda terrible, but for whatever reason you enjoy it anyway? Hellraiser is like that for me. A guilty pleasure; though luckily I don’t feel very guilty about it. I was only recently introduced to these movies, and I haven’t watched them all, but we’re only going […]

Charles Napier

So Steve Jobs died yesterday and it’s a terrible sad thing, no doubt about it. But come on, CHARLES NAPIER died too, and no one seems to care. Who’s Charles Napier, you ask? First off, stop interrupting me. Secondly, he was an old leather worn looking bastard who was in everything from Maniac Cop 2 […]

Hightower is dead

The Police Academy movies suck something fierce, but dammit, they had established characters. One of those characters was “Hightower” and the man who played him, Bubba Smith, has passed from natural causes at the age of 66. Bubba played nine (yes, fucking NINE) NFL seasons in a time period where playing that long meant you were one […]

Macho Man, Randy Savage

Wrestling is an awful thing to love. Not only will you be mocked for the duration of your life for this interest, the guys you cheer for are usually a little less than Saints. The pinnacle of my blind adulation for the “sport” was of course those blissful early years of my life. My young […]

El Gigante passes.

Jorge Gonzalez was enormously tall. And that’s all it took to get his foot in the door as one of pro wrestling’s greatest freak shows. Standing 7 feet 7 inches tall, but billed as well over 8ft, El Gigante was not exactly a technical wonder. A former basketball player, Ted Turner’s WCW encouraged him to […]