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YOUR Kaiju of the week…

There are 3 headed monsters, there are mutant heaping garbage piles, there are space chickens from hell… And then there is Big G. Godzilla. I will always love Ghidorah ( Gidorah, King Gheedora, whatever), Mothra and Anguiras more, but it is pure bullshit to ignore Godzilla. He has been dubbed King of the Monsters for […]


Not sure why I promised a Mothra post 5 months ago and didn’t deliver. And by “Not sure”, I mean I bet I was kind of drunk.

Kaiju of the week is coming…

And it’s Mothra. Gotta take some time to write it up, but be prepared. One of the top Kaiju’s takes their place in history soon. Who am I writing this to? Chiko?!

YOUR Kaiju of the week is…

KING GHIDORAH!! Yes, he is a previous winner, but he didn’t get much of a write up. Now we right humanities wrongs in this respect. Anyways, who are you to deny great and powerful Ghidrah his rightful spot atop the kaiju mountain? Hm? You’re NOBODY to him. An ant!


Usually when we induct a Pooke Hall of Famer, it’s a shocking revelation. Mostly because it means we’ve recalled to update the site. Make no mistake about it though! As far as I am concerned, there is no greater honor and dignity that can be given to a person or in this case, an arguably […]

Friday The 13th Mega Overload

Initially, I was going to review all of the Friday the 13th movies for – get this – Friday the 13th. This idea has never ever even been conceived of before and so I truly felt like a pioneer who was breaking new ground. Then I gave up. So here is a really quick rundown […]

Glamorama Wastes Your Time With The NBA!

This is the newest of glorious inconsistently updated Pooke features. Here, I will break down 3 random NBA players in fairly lazy fashion, and then somehow try to decide which wrestler they remind me the most of. I am not sure why I am doing any of this. Let’s go.