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YOUR Kaiju of the week…

There are 3 headed monsters, there are mutant heaping garbage piles, there are space chickens from hell… And then there is Big G. Godzilla. I will always love Ghidorah ( Gidorah, King Gheedora, whatever), Mothra and Anguiras more, but it is pure bullshit to ignore Godzilla. He has been dubbed King of the Monsters for […]


Not sure why I promised a Mothra post 5 months ago and didn’t deliver. And by “Not sure”, I mean I bet I was kind of drunk.


Here is your 2nd Yokozuna dedicated post this year. Will finally be recognized in the WWE Hall of Fame (spoiler) this coming Wrestlemania. No words can describe this behemoth. First Asian character to become champ and first real life Samoan to win the title. May you and Owen continue your tag team dominance in wrestling […]

Kaiju of the week is coming…

And it’s Mothra. Gotta take some time to write it up, but be prepared. One of the top Kaiju’s takes their place in history soon. Who am I writing this to? Chiko?!

Clive Barker is a Skinless Dragon

Do you ever come upon something that is actually kinda terrible, but for whatever reason you enjoy it anyway? Hellraiser is like that for me. A guilty pleasure; though luckily I don’t feel very guilty about it. I was only recently introduced to these movies, and I haven’t watched them all, but we’re only going […]