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Glamorama Wastes Your Time With The NBA!

This is the newest of glorious inconsistently updated Pooke features. Here, I will break down 3 random NBA players in fairly lazy fashion, and then somehow try to decide which wrestler they remind me the most of. I am not sure why I am doing any of this. Let’s go.

Goodbye Shaq Daddy

Man, what are we going to do without Shaquille O’ Neal? The Shaq Daddy announced his retirement yesterday and I am all broken up about it. Mostly because he straddled that line between “genuinely funny” and “accidentally hilarious” that all of us strive for. Ah hell, let’s count down the top 10 most embarrassing moments […]

The NBA and you.

White people are bad at many many things. Race relations, ending war, properly making barbecue, you name it. What are we the worst at though? That’s easy, basketball. We have our niche in other sports. The NFL has more white quarterbacks than anything. Major league baseball? A lot of awkward white guys pitching and batting […]

Lovin’ that hoop

I’ve been a huge NBA fan all my life, it probably consumes roughly 21% of my life. The problem with this is most of my friends are in no way shape or form fans of anything even close to organized sport, so I end up masturbating alone sadly to another failed Bulls run. As a […]