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Usually when we induct a Pooke Hall of Famer, it’s a shocking revelation. Mostly because it means we’ve recalled to update the site. Make no mistake about it though! As far as I am concerned, there is no greater honor and dignity that can be given to a person or in this case, an arguably […]

The Hall of Fame

Jill Terashita was born on…some…date…in the past…in…America maybe. But possibly somewhere in greater Asia. I don’t know people and you coming here CLAMORING for Terashita facts is your own fault. (She was born in Toronto according to IMDB. TORONTO?!) This isn’t a damn…a damn fact summit. This is a celebration of all the things great […]

A special event.

Pooke. The word by itself conjures up emotions, wistful memories and endless regrets in everyone who has ever dared cross it’s borders. Pooke means a lot of things to a lot of people and when it fell, the hopes of a generation went with it. I don’t claim to be anything more than just a […]