Amanda Waller

It’s been nearly a week after the release of Suicide Squad #1, the rebooted version. In the comic features radically new looks for individuals including Harley Quinn and King Shark. However, none are more shocking than Amanda Waller.

Nu Wall

Introducing: Angela Bassett

She’s gorgeous and slim, isn’t she? Not pictured is a bloody hood she wore whilst torturing her own team to show that she’s still just as ruthless as prior incarnations. However, this is not the Amanda Waller I grew up with nor is it the one I looked up to. Amanda Waller didn’t need to look aesthetically beautiful. It was her tenacity and confidence that made her sexy. She was one of the most realistically designed character in DC Universe: an overweight black woman. The role for Amanda Waller in the Green Lantern movie was miscasted, but this isn’t the article for that.

This is to celebrate Amanda Fucking Waller.

Everyone is afraid

Even Batman is Scared of Her

Amanda Waller has a typical tragedy-beginnings. She was a wife and mother living in a bad neighborhood. She lost her entire family and used the motivation to go to school and earn a PhD in political science. From there she started working with the US Government, working closely with the President on several occasions. We know her best for being the director of Task Force X, an agency formed by herself after learning of the previous Suicide Squads.

Mass Murderers
Despite being the overseer, Waller herself participated in some of the missions, such as the one depicted to the right where she and her team mass murder an entire crime cartel. (She later served prison time for that). The premise of the Suicide Squad was simple: If you survive multiple near-suicidal black op missions for the US Government, you get your criminal files erased. Naturally, many have died and even more returned to crime after being absolved.

Welp, ran out of steam for this. I knew I shouldn’t have attempted to write before work. Maybe I’ll return sometime, probably not. We’ll end with this last paragraph.

Amanda Waller is consistently seen as the scariest human on Earth. Career criminals, those able to create portals to different dimensions, a few that never miss their mark, those that have literally went to Hell and back are afraid of her. She knows everything going on at any given time and would personally see to it that her goals are achieved. In one of the later incarnations of the Suicide Squad, she oversaw a prison and mentioned that everyone inside of it had a small explosive attached to their brains, with the detonator being her pen. She demonstrated on an unruly inmate. Later, when conversing with a colleague, she mentioned that even she has the explosive, in case she was ever captured by the enemy (which is never).


She earned this reputation while being a possibly 5’4 overweight black woman who came from the projects.