The Hall of Fame

Jill Terashita was born on…some…date…in the past…in…America maybe. But possibly somewhere in greater Asia. I don’t know people and you coming here CLAMORING for Terashita facts is your own fault. (She was born in Toronto according to IMDB. TORONTO?!) This isn’t a damn…a damn fact summit. This is a celebration of all the things great in this world, the things that worm their way into our hearts and commence to rotting it. Today, on the 25th of May, The Pooke Hall of Fame opens it’s doors to it’s 2nd inducteee, the aforementioned…Jill Terashita! GIVE IT UP FOR HER PEOPLE.

I won’t shit you. Comparing Jill Terashita to Meryl Streep is a heinous crime that no man should ever commit. I base this mostly on the fact that Jill’s rack just embarrasses whatever lil miss Multi Time Oscar Winner brings to the table. Take your well crafted, intelligent moving pieces of cinema…I have Night of the Demons.

The year is whatever year Night of the Demons was released. A nation is neck deep in cold war paranoia and examining it’s interest in Rubik’s cubes and Hulkamania, wondering “Will I look back on this with an ironic sense of joy in 20 years?” Through all of this, out of the night came a shinning beacon of hope. A gorefest that made 10 tear old me go “Wow that’s a lot of cursing the fat guy’s doing!” and Chiky D exclaim “Look at that chick’s ass!” during roughly 4 different scenes. Ah magic. You were in us.

This all paled in comparison to the possibility of what might happen of course. There was a 110 pound elephant in the room and we are all hoping that metaphor would take it’s top off. Because Night of the Demons had one of the rarest of birds, an Asian girl in a slasher. A CHESTY Asian girl for that matter. Jill Terashita had entered our lives.

Chiky and myself were smart in our approach when first witnessing this girl come onto our screen. We both had the same thought (That Asian might whip them out!) but we were but children then and knew better. Better leave the speculation in one’s own head then let it spill out and proceed to have it go unfulfilled. The movie would share it‘s secrets with us. Just would take time.

(Author’s Note: Actually, Chikodemono and myself did not watch the film for the first time together as 10 year olds, or even meet till several years later. I also didn’t calmly wait for the movie to answer my question about whether or not Jill would go topless, I fast forwarded mercilessly till I found it)

Great things happen sometimes. The Berlin Wall comes down, a man walks on the moon, the 90’s set of Japanese Godzilla movies kind of kicks ass. Those are just specks of a fading past or something else equally meaningful sounding. Some things though, you can see them forever.

I of course am referencing Jill and some cannon fodder going at it in a coffin. And it burns into the collective memory of children and adult alike everywhere. You know there is a God then and you know that It loves you. This is how important that scene is to multiple generations. It is of course abruptly ended when possessed Stooge storms in and snaps her neck, but I was done with myself by then anyway.

Jill would go on to be nude in Sleepaway Camp 3 where she inexplicably played a tough girl named “Arab.” Her head got chopped off. And then she wasn’t really in anything else. Well that’s not fair, she was in other things as a stunt woman and occasional actress (Can you say QUANTUM LEAP?!), but I don’t care about that. All I know is that Jill Terashita still holds a special place in the perverted hellhole that is my polluted mind. Oh and that I can relive all of these moments in stunning quality through the advent of DVD. And what more can a Hall of Fame Inductee give you?