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FFG, yo

Have you ever watched a movie . . . . Wait for it, guys. That was not the question. (Patience. Geez) Have you ever watched a movie, specifically one of those action-type ones, and it mainly features a bunch of tough, muscley, man’s-man type men? Maybe it has a bunch of really hot, scantily clad […]

Your Kaiju of the Week is…

The star of Gamera vs Guiron…GUIRON. Take a drink everytime you see the name “Guiron” typed in this article. Guiron kinda sucks frankly, but his approach to sucking is very different in comparison with the Megalons and Gigans of the world. Where as those monsters are fine with their random laser based attacks, Guiron has […]

And all is right with the world…

Sequels are usually disappointing. Mercifully, this is our 6th or 7th reboot of the almighty Pooke so we have surpassed disappointing and moved right into full on self parody. I can see no way that this does not end in profit. Viva La Pooke!