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FFG, yo

Have you ever watched a movie . . . . Wait for it, guys. That was not the question. (Patience. Geez) Have you ever watched a movie, specifically one of those action-type ones, and it mainly features a bunch of tough, muscley, man’s-man type men? Maybe it has a bunch of really hot, scantily clad […]

The NBA and you.

White people are bad at many many things. Race relations, ending war, properly making barbecue, you name it. What are we the worst at though? That’s easy, basketball. We have our niche in other sports. The NFL has more white quarterbacks than anything. Major league baseball? A lot of awkward white guys pitching and batting […]

Don’t Go Play Recettear!

Besides Civilization 5, there has been another game that ate up my precious hours of life. Recently brought over to the States from Japan, Recettear has sold over 26,000 copies in a month alone. Needless to say there are a lot of anime fans who would play anything from Japan. I am one of those […]


I’ve been playing Sid Meier’s Civilization 5 a lot lately, which includes my lack of updates. While playing it, I discovered that “hey! I can do a terrible review of this game!” So here we are. You with your natty ice and me with my somber demeanor. Should you go out and buy this game? […]