Usually when we induct a Pooke Hall of Famer, it’s a shocking revelation. Mostly because it means we’ve recalled to update the site. Make no mistake about it though! As far as I am concerned, there is no greater honor and dignity that can be given to a person or in this case, an arguably shitty Italian film about sex murders. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I give you the newest Pooke Legend, who’s memory is forever written in the sky of the eternal vision. (Author’s Note: Inaugural Hall of Famer, The Ultimate Warrior, helped me with that last sentence) I give you…1973’s giallo masterpiece Torso!

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Friday The 13th Mega Overload

Initially, I was going to review all of the Friday the 13th movies for – get this – Friday the 13th. This idea has never ever even been conceived of before and so I truly felt like a pioneer who was breaking new ground. Then I gave up. So here is a really quick rundown of Camp Crystal Lake’s favorite hulking mongloid baby man and his exploits.

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Merry Christmas!

Just remember, if you see Santa, it’s probably just a man driven crazy by witnessing the rape and murder of his mother by a Santa clad criminal, as a child.


Merry Christmas, ugly ugly fans of Pooke.